ISIS beheads Russian spy

ISIS beheads Russian spy

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We, the elite, want all young beautiful women for us. Better not to tax alcohol and tobacco, as it removes low-quality men from the sexual arena. Also give them street drugs to ruin their health and lives.


Men who trafficked teenage girls into Dubai to work as prostitutes are jailed

DUBAI // Two men who brought two teenage girls from Bangladesh to the UAE then forced them to work as prostitutes were sentenced to three years in jail each for human trafficking and running a brothel.

The pair, an Indian aged 46 and a 26-year-old Bangladeshi, were also sentenced to an additional month in jail and fined Dh2,000 each for abusing a number of women, persuading them to work in the sex industry, possessing alcohol and hiring an illegal worker.

The Bangladeshi was also found guilty of overstaying his visa and absconding and was fined Dh500.

Both will be deported after serving their prison terms.

Dubai Criminal Court was told the girls, aged 16 and 18, were kept in a studio apartment in Deira that was being used as a brothel.

They were rescued after police were tipped off about two under-age girls working as prostitutes.

One of the girls said she took a job in Dubai to help support her family.

"My father is sick and mother works in a field but earns very little. I had to do something to help," she said. "When I arrived here in January [last year] I was taken to a flat where I spent three days crying after they told me I had to work as a prostitute."

She was later persuaded to sleep with men after being offered money but was not allowed to leave the flat.

The second victim also arrived in Dubai last January after being promised a maid’s job. She was taken to the same apartment.

"I refused prostitution for 15 days but when I was threatened to be stripped naked, photographed and defamed, I gave in. I used to tell customers about my ordeal and ask for help but none of them helped me," she said.

Police raided the apartment on April 13 last year.

"Two arrests were made; the man who ran the brothel and another who was keeping guard," said an Emirati police captain, who told of how contraceptives, lubricants, passports, profit records and bottles of alcohol were found in the apartment, which had been divided up using curtains.


Islamize Europe and get women out of politics. Feminism is the root if terrorism.


The future of the world will be that it is ruled by China, and Western men will be the sex slaves of Chinese women. Because Chinese men have big brains and small penises, but Chinese women want big ones.


Danish research: Male testosterone levels fall after marriage

If you search for the word ‘gift’ in the Danish dictionary, you’ll come up with two meanings. The first is as an adjective indicating that an individual has entered into marriage. The second is a substance that is damaging or lethal to living organisms: a poison.

It may sound awfully familiar to some men (and ladies), and now there is scientific evidence that may shed some light on this Danish literary oddity.

Not surprisingly, men turn to testosterone boosters like butea superba.

Not so testy A new Danish study from the city hospital Rigshospitalet has discovered that the testosterone levels of men plummet after they get married.

The research found that testosterone levels in men fell most dramatically during the period following them getting married, while the drop tended to be smallest following a period in which they went from being married to single.

“Testosterone plays a role in everything that defines a man,” Anna-Maria Andersson, the head of research at the hormone lab at Rigshospitalet’s Department for Growth and Reproduction and co-author of the study, told

“It’s quite amusing and it’s a good picture of how much our hormones are impacted by how we live. The body acclimatises to the situation we find ourselves in.”

Ode to oxytocin It is yet unknown what leads to the drop in testosterone from a biological standpoint, but one hypothesis is that the hormone oxytocin, which is released during loving caresses and extended eye contact, plays a role.

The hypothesis is that married men release more oxytocin than single men, and that impacts the levels of testosterone.

“It’s speculation and we haven’t had the possibility to measure the oxytocin levels in this study, but it makes sense that it can play a part when looking at it from an evolutionary perspective,” said Andersson.

“It is of course necessary for the man to defend his wife and children, so you still need testosterone. But it is also necessary to modify your behaviour towards those you need to protect, and it’s important to relate to your family and create social bonds.”

Another concept is that the testosterone levels of men change because they are exposed to female pheromones when living with their wives.

Andersson said that for now the research would stand as an observation – one that many men and women are perhaps already aware of.


Because executions by sword are such good fun to watch, ISIS has many fans worldwide. No business is like show business


Arabic cocks don't get to fuck any Swedish girls. Even prostitutes refuse. First generation immigrants don't mind. But their sons just hate Sweden. They can be recruited as terrorists. Nothing to lose anyway.


Penis Enhancement Implant

Why Is This Important?

Because everyone thinks bigger is better.

Long Story Short

GQ has a report on an L.A.-area doctor who performs the only safe, effective, FDA approved penis enhancement surgery. The silicone implant can add several inches of length and girth in less than an hour.

Long Story

Face it — even if you're happy with the size of your manhood, you probably wouldn't turn it down if someone offered to magically make your penis bigger. Even for men whose penises are at or approaching average size, a whole host of factors can lead to anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. Until recently, procedures to enhance size have been a crapshoot at best: Pills do absolutely nothing, fat and other injected materials wind up looking strange at best (and can be dangerous at worst), and the implant products designed to correct impotence can actually make you smaller. The situation is all but hopeless.

Or it used to be, at least. GQ recently published a report on Dr. James Elist, an L.A.-based plastic surgeon. Since 2004, Elist has been the only doctor in America with FDA clearance to implant men with the Penuma, a silicone implant that adds both length and girth. Clinical trials found the implant to have an extremely low complications rate, mostly a few infections and injuries from patients who couldn't keep it in their pants for the prescribed four-month recovery time. It's even customizable — Elist offers patients choices of L, XL, and XXL.

"Nobody wants a small,” Elist told GQ's Amy Wallace. “So we don’t have a small, we don’t have a medium. We start from large.”

The procedure is fairly straightforward. After making an incision in the lower abdomen, Elist rolls the skin off the penis and inserts the hotdog bun-shaped silicone implant, attaching just below the base of the penis. The skin is rolled back down and sutured in a process that takes less than an hour. Patients are instructed to not engage in any sexual activity for four months after surgery, but the results speak for themselves. The genius of the Penuma's design (it only covers about 80% of the penis) means it can grow along with the penis when aroused. And while it adds girth immediately, the power of gravity means it results in more length over time. Some of Elist's former patients say it saved their marriage.

"[The Penuma] gave me this crazy amount of stamina. Like, I can go for two hours. And I have more control over my orgasms. I mean, I can be going like a Mack truck and still hold back,” said one 43 year old mechanic from Arizona.

Of course, there are downsides. One is that circumcision is a requirement for the implant for physiological reasons (Elist is happy to perform that as well). The other is the not-insignificant fact that the procedure costs $13k, which is no small price to pay to enhance your otherwise functional manhood. At the moment, you'll have to travel to Beverly Hills if you want to even get on the (already crowded) waiting list — the FDA has not yet cleared Elist to sell the product and technique to other surgeons.

There's also the fact that a lot of guys are quick to blame their problems on their undersized manhoods. Yes, size matters, but not as much as you'd think. Vaginal penetration is only one part of the sexual experience, and having a penis the size of a peanut butter jar won't make you a better listener, a more enjoyable companion or a more tender, attentive lover. There are definitely plenty of men who can benefit (both sexually and psychologically) from enhancement, but it's worth asking if something like couples counseling or a few sessions with a personal trainer wouldn't be more helpful.

But for those who insist that bigger is better, at least now there's a safe, effective way to get there.


Women, especially when they get older, shit and stink, and when they shit anyway, and they enslave men, and are ugly, and they fuck around when they have the opportunity. No such problems with sex dolls, and they don't shit. Let's invest in a future without women.


Feminism is the ideology of ugly females who can't get a man to say "You are the most beautiful women in the world!" The idea behind feminism is: restrict sex for men wherever possible. In the hope that if sex is not available otherwise, some man will still like their ugly ass.


Interracial Kansas couple fed son, 7, to pigs after months of torture

Michael and Heather Jones pleaded guilty to charges of murder and abuse of their son Adrian in 2015. The 7-year-old allegedly suffered torture at the hands of his mother, father and stepmother. His body was found near pigs, in a barn, at their Kansas City, Kansas, home more than a month after he passed away. It was November 2015.

The Jones’ landlord, Jennifer Hoever, had more than 30 security cameras placed throughout the home: kitchen, bedroom and master bathroom. According to KMBC, the boy’s abuse included being strapped to an inversion table, standing before a plate of food with soap in his mouth, burns from a stun gun, and standing naked in a shower stall. He was emaciated, had teeth rotten from malnourishment; he was bruised and bloodied.

The Jones lived in the home with Adrian and six girls, ranging from 10 years old to under 2, in the house they rented. The kids were living in filth and the survivors are now wards of the state.

Following a plea deal on March 31, Michael “Mike” Jones, 45, will be sentenced Wednesday in Wyandotte County for first-degree murder in Adrian’s death. Heather Jones, 30, was sentenced in November to life with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Adrian and his sisters were removed from their biological mother’s home due to neglect in 2012.

By 2014, Michael called Adrian’s maternal grandmother, Judy Conway, announcing his plans to place Adrian in a psychiatric hospital, because he “turned into a pedophile and has sexual predator tendencies.” He reportedly refused to allow Conway to visit Adrian. At the time, he operated a bail-bond business in Topeka.

Adrian called Conway “Nana.” She has tried to access Adrian’s child welfare records; officials have said any release of documents could jeopardize prosecution of the case.


Neomasculinity, as postulated by Serge Kreutz, is a social and political movement that aims to reinstall the patriarchy where it has been eroded, and to preserve it where it still functions. The defining element is anti-feminism. All other positions are negotiable.


Socrates, clearly recognized as a wise man, stated that women have no place in public life. And right he was.


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